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Acacia Brief History

In 1982 a tiny seed was planted on the grounds of a small street in Richmond. Acacia Children Centre was born with a vision ‘maintenance of family values and cultures enriches the society’. The centre’s dedicated educators provided a warm and nurturing program to the 43 children that is reflective of their family’s home environment.

18 years on, Acacia amalgamated with Fitzroy Crèche who again maintain the core values of the founding vision of the centre 100 years ago. Acacia Fitzroy Crèche services the diverse community and has 55 children from more than 40 different cultural backgrounds.

In keeping with our vision we recognise the need to expand our services to other areas. In 2015, with many years of planning Acacia’s seed has flourish into fruition with the opening of a brand new state of the art Children Centre in St Albans. Our new centre caters to all families from diverse backgrounds that incorporates an enriching children educational program. The centre caters for up to 68 children as well as providing an expansive space for community programs and an adult training centre

The outreach service aims to promote and assist Indochinese families in accessing children’s services and to assist children’s service providers in developing their services and programs in a culturally appropriate way to cater to Indochinese children.