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Hi Families,

In the Banksia room we cater for children three to five years old. We offer an integrated kindergarten program with a qualified kindergarten teacher. Our kindergarten teacher works full time. We have three qualified educators who assist our kindergarten teacher to implement our educational program.

We believe children learn in many ways:

  • With an educator facilitating in learning experiences; educator will provide a planned educational program for children to explore and investigate. There is an opportunity for the teacher to ask open ended question to stimulate children’s learning, this may be in a large group, small group or one to one.
  • The environment also plays an integral part in children’s learning and development. We are fortunate to have a large outdoor space as we place importance in children engaging in nature daily. We promote families to support and encourage their children to dress for wet weather so their learning isn’t hindered to only the indoors.
  • The children’s care environment is planned and presented to provide children with agency so they can easily access equipment and materials to engage in play to enhance their learning and development.
  • The social environment of our room supports children to be social citizens in their community. This social play brings advantages where children communicate ideas, suggestions, use their imagination and skills to problem solve together, investigate, experiment, hypothesis and explore together.
  • We are an important part of our community and we support children and families to have a sense of belonging within our centre and the community to which we belong. We do this by going on local excursions to local parks, museums, library, school transition to primary schools, significant places to our indigenous community.
  • To support children, families and educators with social emotional literacy we implemented the P.A.Th.S. (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Curriculum. This Curriculum is evident within our whole community and our centre. The focus is to model and teach children emotional literacy, well-being whilst encouraging children to understand their peer’s feelings.
  • This year we received funding to implement the ELLA Program (Early Learning Languages Australia) . In 2019 the language we will be teaching is Japanese

We appreciate family involvement through families participating in the program, family feedback, celebrating special occasions, taking part in excursions and donating equipment and materials.