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Hi families,

We welcome all new and existing families. The Wattle Room is a wonderful space that has four dedicated and passionate educator.

We are a diverse team that appreciates and celebrates cultures from all over the world. This year we have many new families from Italy, France, Sudan, Somalia, Greece and Turkey.


In the Wattle room we understand that secure attachment is an integral part of babies and young children’s development. This is why we encourage families to have a positive orientation experience that enables trusting relationships between babies and educators. We foster the children’s development by creating a safe and warm environment that encourages trust, confidence and a sense of belonging.


We have flexible orientation to support families and children through the process of orientation. Breastfeeding promotes in our centre and we support breastfeeding facilities.


A typical day in the baby room consists of:

  • Educator and baby one-to-one interactions during and outside of daily routines


  • A comfortable and quiet sleeping area which accommodates for individual needs of the baby


  • Communication with parents daily about the events that have occurred throughout the day. We record and display all information relating to sleep, feeding and toileting for the day for parents


  • Activities that are planned to stimulate gross motor, fine motor and manipulative development. We also advocate messy play for example, mud, sand, paint, rock and play dough.


Our outdoor area is a well-shaded learning space that is separate from the older children, allowing the babies to feel secure and comfortable as they explore. This area includes sandpit, rock pit, gardens and outdoor play equipment.