About Acaica

Acacia is a cherished not-for-profit community organization dedicated to providing high-quality education and care for children from birth to school age. We celebrate diversity, honoring the unique cultural and social backgrounds of both our families and staff. Our programs reflect Australia’s multicultural society, fostering children’s awareness and respect for cultural differences and similarities.

Acacia's Legacy: Nurturing Generations

In 1982, Acacia Children Centre was established in Richmond with a vision that maintaining family values and cultures enriches society. Initially serving 43 children, the centre mirrored the nurturing environments of their homes through its dedicated educators.

By 2000, Acacia had merged with Fitzroy Crèche, upholding the centre's century-old core values while servicing a vibrant mix of 55 children from over 40 different cultural backgrounds.

In 2015, following years of planning, Acacia expanded by opening a state-of-the-art Children Centre in St Albans. This new facility accommodates up to 68 children and includes community programs and an adult training centre, catering to families from diverse backgrounds with an enriching educational program.

Additionally, our outreach service supports Indochinese families in accessing culturally appropriate children’s services and aids providers in tailoring their programs to meet these needs.

Our Vision

We envision harmonious communities thriving on differences, where families and educators learn and grow together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality learning and supportive environment that fosters respect, confidence, and belonging.

Our Approach

At Acacia, we believe in the innate curiosity and resourcefulness of children. Learning happens within a social context, where meaningful interactions and participation shape knowledge. Through child-initiated play, we cultivate a learning environment that respects children's interests and fosters collaboration among children, families, and educators.

Our Program

Our innovative indoor/outdoor learning experiences cater to children’s strengths and interests while promoting holistic development, including literacy, STEM, creative arts, and cultural awareness. We offer a funded kindergarten program led by qualified teachers to prepare children for primary school.

Acacia’s Values

We uphold values of compassion, honor, integrity, learning, and diversity, guiding our commitment to fostering respect, confidence, and belonging in our community.
Acacia Children’s Centre acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of this nation.
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