The Wattle Room

0 to 24 Months
One-on-one interactions with infants during daily routines.
A comfortable sleeping area tailored to individual needs.
Daily communication with parents, including detailed records of activities.
Stimulating activities for gross motor and fine motor development, including messy play.
Embrace the warmth and diversity of our Wattle Room, where four passionate educators create a welcoming space for families of all cultural backgrounds, ensuring a smooth and secure start for our little ones.

Our outdoor area, shaded and safe, boasts a variety of sensory experiences with a sandpit, rock pit, lush gardens, and adventurous play equipment.

Discover a world of care and enrichment for your child in the Wattle Room!

The Gumnut Room

24 to 36 Months
Beginning and ending each day with family grouping, strengthening community ties.
Nurturing confidence and independence, with a focus on safe exploration and self-discovery, guided by the esteemed PATHS curriculum.
Outdoor adventures that inspire: gardening, climbing, and nature exploration, alongside enriching weekly excursions to cultural and educational destinations.
Welcoming 2 to 3-year-olds, our team of five experienced educators fosters a sense of independence and self-assurance through engaging and safe learning activities.

We cherish cultural diversity, celebrating it with special events like Harmony Day and Lunar New Year, inviting families to share their unique traditions, enriching our Gumnut Room with vibrant cultural exchanges.

Experience the joy of growth and community spirit in the Gumnut Room!

The Banksia Room

3 to 5 years
Planned educational activities ignite curiosity and the spirit of inquiry, encouraging a hands-on approach to learning.
A focus on the outdoors enriches daily experiences, connecting children with nature and the environment.
Play and learning materials are readily available, promoting spontaneous creativity and development.
Collaborative play and problem-solving exercises are integral, fostering a sense of community and social responsibility among our young learners.
Designed for the three to five-year-olds, our integrated kindergarten program is steered by a dedicated full-time teacher and three supportive educators.

Engagement with our local community is a cornerstone, with excursions that connect children to parks, museums, libraries, schools, and indigenous heritage sites, reinforcing a collective sense of identity. We're proud to incorporate the P.A.Th.S. program for emotional literacy, alongside the introduction of the ELLA Program for Japanese language learning in 2019. We deeply value family involvement and cherish your contributions and participation.

Embark on a journey of dynamic learning and inclusivity in the Banksia Room!
Acacia Children’s Centre acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of this nation.
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